enzie Roof Space Ladders

A Roof Space Ladder, also known as an Attic Ladder or a loft ladder is a excellent way to gain storage space and add value that's why thousands of people have chosen to "add a room in hours with enzie".

How to choose style and height.

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Proven design, quality, service and value.

enzie has been the innovative supplier of attic ladders for over 30 years and has a dealership and delivery network that covers Australia and South East Asia

Supplied fully assembled, enzie's fold away ladders can be self installed or installed by one of our qualified suppliers and enzie offers you:

  • Value: Not only are our ladders sensibly priced but the built quality ensures long-term value
  • Safety: World leading counter-balance system, deep treads and plenty of toe room.
  • Strength: Certified strength tests rate our ladders at 150kg POINT load.
  • Security: Lockable hatches keep your valuables safe.
  • Quality: Internationally acclaimed ladders and over 30 years of experience
  • Energy Efficient: Our insulated hatches and seals ensure no heat transfer from your attic to your living space.

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